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Posted By on February 12, 2011

A Great Cedar Arbor

cedar arbor

There’s a good reason why garden arbors are one of the most popular garden structures. Cedar arbor are a beautiful adornment to any garden and come in every style you can think of. It’s amazing what a simple arbor can do to dress up your lawn or garden. Red cedar is the classic material for building an arbor, but it’s not the only one. Arbors can be made out of like PVC vinyl, bent wood, copper, iron, and steel. There are so many styles available.

You will have lots of decisions to make if you want a cedar arbor! Before picking out your favorite cedar arbor, think about your garden. This will the most important factor in the decision making process. The measurements of your garden arbor must reflect the width of the walkway. Some arbors are especially large and sophisticated looking, perfect for the serious gardener. Others are more humble and well-suited for smaller gardens or perhaps a yard alone. A beautiful cedar arbor gate adds more than just elegance to a garden or park. Natural wood structures are very popular because the wood will change with time becoming even more beautiful as it blends with its surrounding landscape. Structures made out of natural wood are by far the most environmentally friendly choice especially if they are made from reclaimed or recycled wood.

Nothing is more beautiful or aromatic than an arched arbor completely covered flowers like roses or honeysuckle. Placing a bench or seating area near your arbor is a great way to bring furniture into your garden design. When purchasing your arched structure you should also inquire about other structures with a matching design. For instance benches, swings, and planters are great additions to a garden as well. Natural cedar arbor usually come pre-assembled or with minimal assembly required. If using a cedar arbor gate to provide an entryway, you should first measure the available space available before shopping for a structure. Prices will vary on the size, craftsmanship, quality, and material used in the making of the structure.

If you want white arches for your garden, it may make economic sense to go with vinyl. But if you would prefer the charm that only wood arches can give, you can always stain your wood garden arbor. Vinyl arbors, in addition to their strength, often feature elements like extra fencing and seating. However, they are typically priced higher than their cedar counterparts. For affordability and charm, cedar arbor are a good bet but if you’re looking for a garden arch that will last a lifetime, a vinyl arbor may be the right purchase for you.

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