Glass Gazebo

Posted By on June 15, 2009

Magnificent Classical Ionic

Unique Glass Gazebo

Unique Glass Gazebo

Gazebo-style classic with details that make artistic sense of attention to this show elegant gazebo. Gazebo seen this majestic design with classical ionic pole pattern. Pole endorse roof dome (dome) of the solder glass is beautiful.
Altitude gazebo is 55cm from the surface of the soil. Differences in this level to create more impressive majestic gazebo. Gazebo to enter, we must go through a round natural stone like marble that receive finishing acid. Floor in the gazebo made from various combinations of natural stones such as marble and coral brush. Coral brushes made with the hexagon pattern to follow blueprint. He arranged a variety of colors so that it does not monoton.

Solder glass dome made of glass triplon (triple on glass) or triple glazed units. That no other glass solder is coated by two pieces of glass with regular use swiggle a special seal to protect the surrounding. Swiggle seal is to isolate the product specific so that the glass solder glass solder protected. It also serves to muffle and outflow the air outside. Processing using the tools and quality material, making the owner not to worry about falling glass will shatter and replace those who have in the gazebo.

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