Jineng Gazebo Style

Posted By on May 27, 2009

traditional balinese gazebos

traditional balinese gazebos

Jineng gazebo building  can function as a protective view from the neighboring house to the swimming pool. Bali gazebo design Jineng get this modification. Generally, the window on the jineng gazebo made only on the front and back. There is a sideways window Jineng gazebo make  home owner get the view direction of the swimming pool, backyard, and home side view.

Other modifications Jineng gazebo, to ascend the stairs to the top of the jineng gazebo. Stairs are in the home frontage position. Laying it intended not to impede the circulation side of the page to back page.
The interesting of Jineng gazebo is the material used. Starting from pole, floor, wall, to the stairs, all use coconut wood. While the roof Jineng gazebo closing by reed. Reed is installed within 2cm-3cm, so that the thickness are approximately 30cm. To ensure the roof is completely protected from rainfall, at the meeting were given the cover a roof peak. Then, to make it more interesting, installed ornaments Swastika-shaped.
The another interesting Jineng gazebos is custom made light boxes installed on the pole jineng gazebo. Box lamp is made from coconut wood material. Bulb that is used is the type of energy. Similar box installed in the terrace jineng gazebo.

Original and Modern Jineng Gazebo

Ossify floor Jineng gazebo closed by delft . Top floor has air conditioning. Jineng gazebo original form was to appear modern. Jineng gazebo this garden is in an approximately 500-meters. Size jineng gazebo only 3.6 mx3, 6m. While the high 4.4 m. By doing so, it seems prominent in the middle pasture.

Troddening rung, we will be at floor on. Size space on the aft, 2mx2, 5m. Room on this modernize by assembles air condition machine Thus, people can sleep in Jineng gazebo without fear of attacks by mosquitoes.
Floor space under the stage without a divider. Board on the pile of blocks on the fourth pillar nailed structure. this area is stool and function as a relaxation area. Cushions available there, so it will feel sleep favors.

The ground floor (base) is ossify cement which closed by delft 30cmx30cm coral stone motif. This Jineng gazebo base floor made by stair with 30cm’s high distance. Its function, preventing rainwater directing to damp Jineng gazebo’s area . Shell thatches to utilize ilalang. The horizontal roof Jineng gazebo is supported ilalang teak reng installed vertically. Construction saddle-shaped roof over the top.

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