Outdoor Gazebos

Posted By on June 12, 2009

Gazebo Mede Your House More Beautiful

outdoor garden gazebo

outdoor garden gazebo

At this time, community needs to perform the activities required not only houses, but also to develop the building to support the home itself. One building supporters the home is gazebo. When we hear the word gazebo, which is embedded in our mind that the gazebo is a simple building that enabled the place to relax in the back of our house, a place to sit together with family members, we may be saturated in the house and we need a place outside the home comfortable. In general, our society which has a home with wide land create gazebo to perform activities outside the home and enjoy the scenery around.

Gazebo dimensions that was many built minimum  is 2 x 2m ², 3 x 3m ², and so on, depending on the area available and area of activities that will be done in the gazebo. Gazebo can also be found in our restaurant, hotel, resort, or spa, the diverse functions. View from the use of gazebo can be used for all activities that we need, as a place to relax, as the hall, as the prayer room, as a meeting place, even as a bathroom with outdoor concept can be fulfilled by the gazebo.

The gazebo design is many different kind, gazebo design minimum is quadrilateral, but also shaped the pentagon, hexagon, or octagon. Gazebo is made permanent and have created a knockdown system (uncover by tide). Gazebo model that always we meet is gazebo style of bali, which is more widely known in our society even to foreign countries because many balinese gazebo exported. the material used to make a gazebo construction materials is wood , but it’s possibility use other materials such as bamboo, stone, iron, alluminium, and so on. While for the gazebo roof materials we can use reed, ijuk, shingle, tile, fabric or zinc.

Gazebo Function

There are many types gazebo Function, from the most simple gazebo form that is gazebo without a floor up to the gazebo with a floor and walls can be utilized in accordance with our needs. Minimum area of a gazebo 2m ² and a maximum of around 36m ², less than a normal “pendopo” we met especially in the area of Java, to accommodate activities that we need. Gazebo function which is most often used as a place to sit down, in addition  gazebo can also function as a living room, hall, prayer room, meeting rooms, a bathroom, as the exhibition stand, bedroom (usually used by the hotel or resort spa). Making landscape around the gazebo will become more beautiful atmosphere.

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