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Thinking Wood Arbors for Your Garden


wood arbor

garden wood arbor

            There’s nothing quite like a wood arbor to dress up your lawn, garden, or patio. If you’re looking to beautify your backyard, an arbor can be the easiest way to accomplish that task. To begin, what is a garden arbor? Traditionally, an arbor was an archway made of actual leaves and branches. But today, we build our own arbors – which are typically bordered with latticework. An arbor can indeed look great with vines and flowers embracing it.

       An arbor can provide an interesting focal or entry point in your garden. Wood arbors are an especially popular choice, as wood tends to blend in with just about anything and thus, not take away from the natural beauty of your backyard. There are a slew of sizes and shapes of wooden arbors that you have to choose from. They vary from the type of wood, the design, and the dimensions. Red cedar is a durable species and a commonly preferred wood for arbors. This is because it has a rich glow, easy to work with and is moisture and insect resistant.

styles of wooden arbors that are available:

– Gable arbors, have a gable style of roof
– Gothic arbors, have fanciful and interesting lines
– Arch arbors, are the classic rounded roof that most people think about

Arbors can also have additional functions plus looking stylish:

Bench or seat
Planter box
-Side wings

Wood arbors, in general, however can be strategically placed in the yard so as to accentuate the yard’s appearance. Often, they are placed on walkways to help welcome visitors. If you want to built wood arbors by yourself, here are some important steps and insights on how to build a small sized wood arbor.

  1. The model in here is a two-post wood arbor.
  2. The Basic Design – Basically, there will be five layers of architectural design which will consist this wood arbor project of yours.
  3. The cost of your wood arbour project will largely depend on your willingness to shop around for the friendly deals
  4. You will be needing the pressure-treated lumbers in this project. Therefore, for a small sized wood arbor project, you will have to purchase five pieces of 2x2x8s, five pieces of 2x4x3s, two pieces of 1x6x12s or otherwise known as the crosspieces, and two pieces of 4×4 posts.
  5. The tools that are important to secure are the wheelbarrow, shovel, garden hose, carpenter’s level, jigsaw, drill, circular saw or the handsaw, wood chisel, stepladder, spade bit, file, tape measure, wrench, and hammer.

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