Wood Gazebo

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Amazing Balinese Wood Gazebo

wood carved gazebo

wood carved gazebo

Addition wood gazebo, patio or deck in the garden or backyard will provide a touch beauty to the appearance of our home. The addition will be a remarkable, if the addition is wood gazebo with decorated hand carved like Balinese gazebo. Balinese gazebos have the luxury of wood itself. Gazebo will appear maximize if supported by right and appropriate landscape.

Balinese wood gazebo is made of shaped stage. The basic form is concrete cast, with gazebo on top of the stage floor, while stage floor using merbau wood. Effect of Bali style appears especially from the pole of the spheroid-shaped timber roof, and coconuts. Balinese wood gazebo roof use the specific Bali material like reed roof with decorative elements include crown on top of the roof. Crown is not made of clay, but from copper material. Then material gets gold finishing, so it seems antique and luxury. The lisp Lang installed red cloth with Balinese motifs.

hand carved gazebo

hand carved gazebo

Pyramid roof be modified octahedron, adjust the overall construction. Each side has the same length, which is 120cm. The size and hand carved motif on pillars and underneath the fence was the same for each side. There are four stairs to go to space in wood gazebo. Appliances installed wood gazebo-shaped because the stage has height about 1m.

You should be careful in searching for them on the internet, because Bali gazebo is unique art work. You can find the seller’s from Bali Island or other regions of Indonesia. Even though Bali gazebos built in Bali, but it can be dismantled and sent to the respective retail outlets customer. Hand carved Balinese wood gazebo is a special item that’s only available in certain places.

There are several companies that offer reservations wood gazebo according to our size and design. We will get the retail price, or price according to needed of amount material to create a hand carved wood gazebo. If the Balinese gazebos hand carved built by 3 people it will take about 2 month to complete. Hand carved Balinese gazebos is definitely beyond the reach of ordinary people. As needed to get money that is not small. Hand carved Balinese gazebos built only by people who love the arts. The elegant and beautiful hand carved Balinese gazebos make their owners proud to have it.

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